Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Beyond Beautiful

Ordinary galvanized mesh and other kinds of wire delicately worked into lace-looking, life-sized figurative sculptures of awesome, spiritual, uncommon beauty may surprise you as you wander along the rooms of an art gallery or museum, stroll through a public park or visit a private garden in Britain.

We are talking about British sculptor Derek Kinzett’s work. He has conquered international respect and recognition for his touching sculptures, hand-crafted with talent, dedication and detail. From his bare hands, now coarse and hardened as a result of long hours of cutting, twisting and interweaving rough material as wire net, breathtaking, amazing artworks slowly gain shape and seem to come to life for the enjoyment of our eyes and senses. In fact, these are creations which invite us to intimately interact with them in a way that requires more than merely sight. The artist himself refuses to wear gloves as he works, since he feels that they impair his sense of touch, which would affect the quality of his art pieces.

Each of his sculptures takes at least one hundred hours to complete and about 49m of wire he has to cut and twist so as to create the incredibly beautiful life-size figures which cause a strong impact on viewers for the strong emotions they actually convey. Impressive and whimsical as they are, they seem to have been seized by real feelings of grief, thoughtfulness, wonder, peace, solitude. 

One of the most fascinating characteristics of Derek Kinzett’s artworks is the contrast offered by the surprising grace, subtlety and transparency achieved by means of the rough kind of material he uses. His artworks, though remarkably noticeable within the scenery in which they are set, seem to somehow melt into their surroundings owing to their diaphanous structure.

His object sculptures, such as bicycles and motorcycles, further display remarkable details of structural changes and totally original pieces, in which different kinds of wire and genuinely imaginative materials have been used.

Some of his human-shaped figures strike us for their natural pose suggesting an invitation for on-lookers to sit by their side and engage in an imaginary conversation. Others give the impression of being completely absorbed in their daily tasks or routines as any human being would be. On the other hand, we are also mesmerized by the fantastic creatures, such as fairies or dragons, playfully defying our imagination.

We now invite you to enjoy the pictures and to let yourselves be touched by the magic of these very touching and touchable works of art. 

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